1 Akiko Akiko | 16. února 2014 v 19:15 | Reagovat

Arigatou gozaimasu, Witch-san!! Kore wa kawaii desu ^-^
I'm still admiring, how you can write everything so great in English, it's fantastic. I enjoyed this chapter but... Bakanishi! I can't believe he did this. Wrong? No, no, Kame wanted it too, so nothing is wrong. I hope Jin calms down and  returns to Kame. You make complications again, it's so thrilling!!! :-D
On the end Kame looked like little falling in love teenager. It was so sad :(


2 Witch Witch | 17. února 2014 v 21:11 | Reagovat

[1]: for Akiko:

You´re welcome, I´m glad you liked it that much. ;)
I appreciate your opinion, but there is still a lot of what I can improve and I´m still working on my English-writing-style.
As for Jin... I have to stand up for him. He was raised differently from Kame, I was thinking this over really properly, as I want both of them to behave naturally and according to what their characters are like.
And as you know – I love making up complications. XDDD
And Kame... Well, he is only 21 years old here and it´s the first time he experiences something like this, so... ;)

Watashi mo arigatou! ^^

3 Akiko Akiko | 18. února 2014 v 8:10 | Reagovat

[2]: I know it's other times and they're in complicated situation. On one side I understand Jin he is afraid and on other side he must feel Kame have the same feelings like he. Maybe it's worse for him he knows it but he makes nothing and have worries because of his surroundings... Complicated... I'm looking forward on next! :-)

4 Witch Witch | 19. února 2014 v 20:27 | Reagovat

[3]: for Akiko:

I have a feeling that the word “complicated” it´s not enough to describe their situation anymore. XD But that´s only my fault, I guess. :D
Anyway, I will try to post the next chapter on Sunday. ;)

5 Akiko Akiko | 20. února 2014 v 20:12 | Reagovat

[4]: I don't know too much english words what are worse than complicated :D Yes, this more-than-complicated situation is your fault. But I think you have some genial solution, right? :)

Thank you! Sunday... Mhm, it will be Kame's birthday ^-^

6 Witch Witch | 20. února 2014 v 20:28 | Reagovat

[5]: for Akiko:

Eeh, genial solution? o_O
I wish I had it. XD

That´s right, and I´m planning to drink on this occasion of course. :DDD

7 lilyane lilyane | 19. března 2014 v 10:35 | Reagovat

Oh, wow. So short chapter but still full of action. Its name was so promising... and also the beginning. My dream finally came true :-D.
Unbelievable description of their kiss 8-) but then? I thought that Kame will tell Jin everything about his feelings, but he didn't even got a chance... Even if I see the way Jin was mannered (that it's not normal - two guys) he shouldn't said that it was wrong. I feel so sorry for Kame - it has to be awful and painful hearing this word from Jin when Kame wanted to say something different... :-?
And the end - I completely understand the mood of Kame when he came home. But it wasn't right to Lena...I was a little shocked that Rosie found out Lena likes Kame by her motions. 8-O She is really loving mother and she knows her son very well. :-D
Poor fallen in love Kame - the end on the bed works on me unbelievably real.
And I agree with Akiko - he behaved like  a teenager :-D. Btw: How old is Jin - 23? :-?

8 Witch Witch | 19. března 2014 v 19:28 | Reagovat

[7]: for lilyane:

Thank you, I´m proud you´re the next one who liked the kissing scene. :)
Jin´s attitude here is more than understandable, I guess... I was discussing this a lot, and I´ve always wanted my characters to behave logically, so... this was the result. But of course, very painful result for Kame. :/
As for Kame´s mother being so observing... It was not just on that evening only, she noticed that Lena is in love with her son some time ago already.
I´m very satisfied with the way I wrote the very end of this chapter, so I´m really happy you appreciated it so much. :)
Jin is two years older than Kame, so yes, 23. :)
Thank you once again!!

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